Build your real estate agent relationships

Buyer & Investor specialized platform for market & property research

Offer an investor research platform to your agent partners

Attract and nurture relationships by offering your local agent partners a buyer/investor platform
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Agents build their investor network

By Invitation or Special Request Only

Investors experience a decision making platform unlike Zillow or
Property Characteristics
Sale & Rent Values
Mortgage Data
Sales Comparables
Ownership & Absentee
Flipped Properties
Tax & Assessment
Foreclosures, REOs

Comprehensive property data & analytics nationwide

Use it for your own business and offer it to your clients as takeaway at the end of a transaction
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Monthly Pricing for Title Agencies

Complete Investor Portal
Unlimited client contacts
1 Agent Partner
25 Prospektr Licenses
500 Properties Monitored


One time Setup: $100

Addl. Agents: $10 / agent
Addl. 25 Prospektr Licenses: $50
Addl. 250 Properties Monitored: $25

If you are a title office with multiple users please contact us for special pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Within Prospektr you can upload your client list and run campaigns to invite them to signup and use Prospektr for free. The list of clients you upload is called “Client Contacts”.

Prospektr lets you upload an unlimited number of contacts into the platform. You only pay for clients who actually respond to your campaign.

Prospektr requires you to have at least one real estate agent as a partner since it is also a listing platform.

The base license gives one agent partnership to be setup, but you can add more agent partners from your network.

Each client who responds to your invite and signs up to use Prospektr would need one license of Prospektr.

In your base package, you get 25 such licenses included. 

Note that with Prospektr you do not pay for the number of clients you run campaigns for – that is unlimited within your base package. You only pay for actual clients who respond to your invitation and use the service.

Prospektr provides a cool feature for you to track any events on properties owned by your clients.

We track listing activity, mortgage activity, LTV, distress, and occupancy status. When any of that changes you will receive an alert.

In your base package you get to monitor 250 properties at anytime. But you can add more as needed.

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