Provide your clients a real estate research platform

Comprehensive inventory of for sale homes combined with AI-driven property and market insights

Put Prospektr to work for you

Invite your Past Clients

Upload your past client list and run a campaign to invite them to Prospektr.

Automate Engagement

Prospektr will build your brand as the real estate advisor with automated content marketing.

Grow your Business

Seller and buyer are qualified automatically helping you close more deals.

Partner with a loan officer in your market

Connect with a your mortgage partners within Prospektr or we can help you connect with loan officers in your market.

Your clients get FREE access to an in-depth real estate research portal

Prospektr delivers personalized financial recommendations

Current Home Value, Net Equity, Refinancing Calculators, Cash-out-Refinancing Calculators, and more


Lead recommendations and active market exploration

Receive leads from Prospektr bots that qualify activities. Deep Lead Mining platform with your custom propensity rules.

Try Prospektr now

Get a trial account and see for yourself

Monthly Pricing for Agents

Requires Lender/Title Co-Sponsor
Complete Investor Portal
Unlimited client contacts
25 Prospektr Licenses
250 Properties Monitored


One time Setup: $50

Addl. 25 Prospektr Licenses: $12.50
Addl. 250 Properties Monitored: $10
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