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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

There are a few other investor platforms available in the market today that provide a portion of the functionality that Prospektr offers.

They all charge anywhere in the range of $49 to $99 per month.

So, we rest our case 🙂

First of all we do not collect any personal information about you other than an email address.

All credit card information stored at our credit card processor using the best in class security compliant with PCI standards.

So, there is very little of your critical information maintained in Prospektr but we have a whole lot of our data and insights that we need to protect.

Having said that, the Prospektr platform has been reviewed for security by large credit bureaus and other Fortune 1000 companies who are our customers. We passed all the security compliance checks in flying colors to be able to secure those customers. And we continue to review and update our systems constantly to handle the changing world around us. Security never a once and done deal.

Prospektr is currently used by hundreds agents and loan officers. We soon hope to report that we are gong into the thousands.

Prospektr also powers the IDX portals for a few nationwide mortgage lenders and nationwide real estate brokerages. Checkout for a sample.

In addition, Prospektr is built on top of a solid foundation platform built by LLC – the makers of Prospektr. This foundation platform is the one that generates the key property and market insights used within Prospektr.

The underlying platform is trusted by thousands of appraisers, mortgage banks, credit bureaus, and insurance service providers.

Prospektr has coverage in over 95% of the US real estate market.

We are powered by 2 sets of data – property records (tax, assessment, mortgage. deed, schools, etc.) and for sale data from MLSs. We have 100% coverage on the property records and over 300 MLSs of for sale data,  We continue to increase our MLS coverage as we get data permissions from each MLS. 

If there is a market you are interested in and you are not seeing any for sale data please drop us a note and we will be happy to work with industry participants in that area to get MLS data access and provide it to you.

Feature Questions

Within Prospektr you can upload your client list and run campaigns to invite them to signup and use Prospektr for free. The list of clients you upload is called “Client Contacts”.

Prospektr lets you upload an unlimited number of contacts into the platform. You only pay for clients who actually respond to your campaign.

Prospektr requires that every loan officer has at least one real estate agent as a partner since it is also a listing platform.

MLS Listings are only provided to real estate agents and any display of such listings must be in the “control” of the real estate agent or the broker.

A basic package of Prospektr for a loan officer gives one agent partnership to be setup, but if you want to work with multiple agent partners for the different MLS markets you cover, you can add more agent partners from your network each for an additional fee.

Prospektr provides a cool feature for you to track any events on properties owned by your clients.

We track listing activity, mortgage activity, LTV, owner equity, distress, and occupancy status. When any of that changes you will receive an alert.

In your base package you get to monitor 250 properties at any time. But you can add more as needed.