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Frequently Asked Questions

The data we have assembled within is a unique combination of property data, mortgage information, deed history, and most importantly MLS listing data.

Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) have strict rules for who can and who cannot publish listing data online. We cannot provide you listing data unless an agent who is a member of the MLS provides us authorization to show it to you.

Then you may ask how do others like Zillow or Redfin provide free access? Good questions – Zillow and Redfin are registered brokers in the states they operate and also members of the MLSs.

There are other sources for MLS data such as ListHub using which we could get you free and open access – but all that data comes with very limited set of fields. We assemble over 600 fields on every property and we want to get that whole information to you.

At our goal is to democratize every aspect of investing in real estate. With this humble start in value and income investing we are on a path to bring you more and more  information and insights to support the investment objective and strategy of your choice.

To do this while we have invested our own money we have also partnered with various industry business participants – realtors, lenders, title companies, etc. who all benefit from the individuals who ultimately transact on real estate. 

We have a very unique business model that combines everyone’s interests for the good of all participants.

There are a few other investor platforms available in the market today that provide a portion of the functionality that Prospektr offers.

They all charge anywhere in the range of $49 to $99 per month.

So, we rest our case 🙂

First of all we do not collect any personal information about you other than an email address.

We do not even ask for a credit card on file.

So, there is very little of your critical information maintained in Prospektr but we have a whole lot of our data and insights that we need to protect.

The underlying platform that powers Prospektr has also been reviewed for security by large credit bureaus and other Fortune 1000 companies and have found to be more than adequate.

Prospektr is currently used by hundreds of investors and is fast growing. We soon hope to report that we are gong into the thousands.

In addition, Prospektr is built on top of a solid foundation platform built by LLC – the makers of Prospektr. This foundation platform is the one that generates the key property and market insights used within Prospektr.

The underlying platform is trusted by thousands of appraisers, mortgage banks, credit bureaus, and insurance service providers.

Prospektr has coverage in over 95% of the US real estate market.

We are powered largely by 2 sets of data – property records (tax, assessment, mortgage. deed, schools, etc.) and for sale data from MLSs. We have 100% coverage on the property records but we continue to increase our MLS coverage as we get data permissions from each MLS.

If there is a market you are interested in and you are not seeing any for sale data please drop us a note and we will be happy to work with industry participants in that area to get MLS data access and provide it to you.